Secure door entry

In addition to larger products we also supply audio, video and wireless intercoms. We have a wide range of systems for almost every application, from simple gate and door entry through to sophisticated networked systems.

We often install a system along with an existing doors and gates, giving complete  control over access very cost effectively.

A door intercom is a great way of finding out who’s paying you a visit – before you answer the door.

Wireless intercom systems

Intercom systems can be simple or highly sophisticated for larger private homes and small offices, including all the facilities of a phone system such as intercom between phones, external telephone lines and seamless integration with door and gate controls.

Alternatively, a simple wired system s a very cost effective method of enabling voice or video access control. Ideal for homes small offices.

Intercoms can also be integrated with mobile phones for highly flexible control.

Choosing the best  system for you

As the need for our products has grown, so have we – and now we can offer our door intercom systems to clients across the Southern UK.

We offer a full initial consultancy to make sure we advise you on all the options available. Call us now to discuss